Glaze stain




PINK: The glazes used shouldn’t contain ZnO, MgO, B2O3.

GREEN: Appropriate for all types of enamel and especially for those non containing ZnO and TiO2.

BLACK: High performance and great stability.

BLUE: This kind of pigment is adaptable to all types of enamel and extremely stable.

BROWN: Easily action with all kind of enamel and specially with ZnO containing. Easily combinable pigments.

YELLOW: High stability structure, easily action with all kind of enamel.




Cubeta Carmín          Verde fuerte         Verde claro          Negro          Negro          Negro

                Pink 0 – 1                                                                     Green 1 – 0                                                          Green 1 – 9                                                     Black 2 – 0                                                     Black 2 – 0 – E                                                           Black 2 – 3




                Brown 3 – 2